I wish My Guardian Angel Plan had existed when I was a new parent.

Back then Wendy and I were just trying to get through school, meet the needs of each other and our young children, keep the rent paid and food on the table.

It was just as important for us to have an estate plan then as it is now

I’m sure we also thought we were going to live forever 🙂

My dad was an estate planning attorney at the time so it would have cost us nothing to have an estate plan.

But when I thought about estate planning I couldn’t get past the images in my head of the old and rich people I saw my dad serving so well in his practice.

I wish I had realized that estate planning is as much for the young as it is for the old, if not more so.

What I didn’t realize as a new parent was that estate planning for the young is about protecting our young children, not about “who gets what”.

Which is more important?

My Guardian Angel Plan is a 3-step system designed for busy parents of young children to name a legal guardian for their child in 15 minutes or less.

Parents who purchase My Guardian Angel Plan get immediate access to instructional videos and written instructions demonstrating how to name a legal guardian for your child.

Best of all, I’ve priced the My Guardian Angel Plan system inexpensive enough to fit any budget.

For less than the price of date night, My Guardian Angel Plan allows you to achieve peace of mind knowing that if something happens to you and your spouse your child will be loved and nurtured by the person YOU choose, instead of letting the government make that decision for you.